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Pelle Pelle Red Wool Jacket

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Pelle Pelle Red Wool Jacket

The Pelle Pelle red wool embroidered jacket is a regal garment that screams authority. This luxurious pelle pelle jacket is designed for people who are living large, and the bright red color and intricate decorations are meant to make the wearer the center of attention wherever they go.

Specifications of Pelle Pelle Red Jacket:

  • Material: Superior grade wool for top-notch warmth and an incredibly comfortable feel.
  • Color: A dynamic red color that accentuates the jacket’s stylistic elements and ensures that the wearer is the center of attention.
  • Back Design: The back of the jacket features ornate black embroidery and the fleur-de-lis, alongside the words “Live Like a King” and numerous studs that shine in the light.
  • Collar and Hems: The rib-knit collar and hems provide a secure, traditional feel to the piece.
  • Closure: The full front zip is not only convenient but also adds intricacy to the jacket’s clean front look.
  • Pockets: Side pockets that are both stylish and functional.
  • Fit: The regular fit ensures that the wearer looks good without compromising on freedom of movement.
  • Care: Finally, the jacket should be taken to a professional cleaner because of the delicate embroidery.

The Pelle Pelle wool Jacket is a garment that commands attention and respect. It’s a statement, a testament to the human desire to be royalty. Whether for casual wear or at a formal ceremony, the jacket is guaranteed to steal the limelight.


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